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Info about Lawn & Garden Stores in Amidon, North Dakota, ND

There are 6 Lawn & Garden Stores in or near Amidon, North Dakota ND.

Green Acres Sod Farm

Green Acres Sod Farm is located approximately 100 miles from Amidon. They're a decent Lawn & Garden Store in Amidon. Need to give Green Acres Sod Farm a call? (701) 744-5759.
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Homestead Nursery

Homestead Nursery is located approximately 129 miles from Amidon. Looking for a good Lawn & Garden Store? Check out Homestead Nursery at 1728 5TH Ave. Contact them at (605) 892-2846.
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Ranch and Farm Wholesale Supply

Ranch and Farm Wholesale Supply is located approximately 79 miles from Amidon. Ranch and Farm Wholesale Supply is a really good Lawn & Garden Store. Need to give Ranch and Farm Wholesale Supply a call? (406) 365-4711.
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Taylor Ag Svc Inc

Taylor Ag Svc Inc is located approximately 92 miles from Amidon. Taylor Ag Svc Inc is located at 200 12TH St SE. If you need more information, call them: (701) 444-3772.
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Terry's Water Works

Terry's Water Works is located approximately 37 miles from Amidon. Contact information: 406 2nd St SE. Call them at (701) 225-2606.
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Wildrose Nursery

Wildrose Nursery is located approximately 117 miles from Amidon. They're one of the best in the area. Need to give Wildrose Nursery a call? (701) 572-7915.
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